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Experience 9 to 5™

Test Drive a Career:
Experience 9 to 5

*Registration is OPEN until Oct.1st, 2015
*Sessions run on Wednesdays beginning Oct.14th through Nov. 11th.
*Choose from three times:
2-4pm, 4-6pm, or 6-8pm
*Cost: 10.00 per program

This multi-industry career exploration program is currently OPEN to high school students and offers on-site experiences with over 45 companies.

 WWW.E9 o5.ORG  org to view participating companies and get an early jump on your career exploration.

Emma Galvin, Director



Experience 9 to 5 is a trademark program of Adams County Education Consortium.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can create a program like this, please contact: Emma Galvin at 303-453-8515


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