The Adams County Commissioners’ Backpacks to Briefcases (B2B) exists to help high school students make a graceful transition into the real world of work or continuing education.
Rarely are any of us given the opportunity to be guided through the Do’s and Don’ts of life.

  • B2B provides a unique tool-belt of How-To’s for life outside of school. The event is divided into workshops, networking, and a 3-course etiquette meal.
  • Throughout the day, students discover how to network, how to dress for success and make positive first impressions. For many students, this is the first time they hear about earning power and goal setting. It may be their first opportunity to meet directly with professionals, too.
  • Following the workshops, students are given an etiquette lesson over a 3-course meal. Meanwhile, business professionals host the tables and help students navigate expectations of the real-world-of-work.
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This event is a success because of the community support it receives.
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Employers across the state tell us that their number one concern with new employees is a lack of soft-skills. In the era of texting and technology, students aren't as equipped to communicate effectively in a business setting. Additionally, many of our students have never experienced a professional setting and lack an understanding of employer expectations, beyond soft skills.

Help promote B2B to your students and give them a leg-up on preparing for life after high school--whether it's their next college interview or applying for a job.

This event is designed to help you navigate life after high school. Let’s face it, how many of us actually know what we need to do to make it in the real world? Participating in this event will equip you for everything from how to dress for the job you want, how to set goals, what makes a good first impression and how to use table manners to your advantage during an interview…or even a date.

Plus, you’ll meet business professionals who want to help you get to the next step in your life!
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This Event Needs You
Business knows better than anyone: high school and college graduates are not entering the workforce prepared. This event presents an opportunity for business to get involved and do something about the skills deficit.
Help students navigate the world of workforce professionalism.

  • Engage with students
  • Help them refine their resumes
  • Help them make decisions about career pathways
  • Share your personal experiences
  • Learn etiquette tips together
  • Give students a leg up on their next steps in life.Your participation makes a huge impact.

Event Sponsor
ACEC is looking for businesses interested in supporting B2B at the event level! Event sponsors allow us to offer the event to more students and provide wider and deeper career development opportunities.

Table Host Sponsor
As a table host, your contribution pays for eight, 3-course meals (yours and 7 students). Table hosts mentor students before and during the etiquette luncheon and after, during the networking segment. Feel free to join in any of the workshops earlier in the day to further engage with students.

Workshop Presenter
Do you have an interesting career-readiness/workforce development workshop topic for this event? Are you a dynamic presenter? If your workshop suggestion fits the bill, as thanks for your valued contribution of time and talent, your lunch is on us and you'll get to host a table of seven students.
Interested in Sponsoring the Event, Sponsoring a Table or Presenting?  Please let us know!  

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A total of 364 high school students participated in the 2015 Adams County Commissioners' Backpacks to Briefcases event. Of these, 225 completed a post-event survey, for a response rate of 62% overall.Overall, almost 90% of B2B participants see value in graduating from high school.
Students who participated in ACEC's 8th grade career expo were more likely to believe in the importance of graduating high school than those who did not attend.
b2b graduationACEC aims to meet students where they are at. Each year we ask them if our programs served their needs.
87% of 2015 participants learned something new and important and found value in the event.b2b student feedback

We cannot always be sure what tools our students have been equipped with prior to attending our events. The graph below charts the areas where most knowledge was gained during the event.

b2b value

To view the complete data report: B2B 2015 Eval