E9to5 is designed to help high school students make choices about possible careers.
This one-of-a-kind mini-job shadow allows students to see, first-hand, how industries work, ask questions, and network with local professionals.
Businesses volunteer their time and expertise to help guide students with career link-ups. This program is offered every year in the Fall from Oct-Nov.


Year-Long Shadow Opportunity: Day Tours
While the student-centric version of E9to5 operates only in the Fall, ACEC coordinates opportunities throughout the year for educators. We encourage educators to connect coursework to relevant, on-site experiences, and we're here to facilitate that connection and make academics more applicable to the real-world-of-work.

To arrange an E9to5 Day Tour, contact:
Chuck Gross, Executive Director
([email protected])

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Experience 9 to 5 is a trademark program of Adams County Education Consortium. If you are interested in learning more about how you can create a program like this, please contact: Chuck Gross at 303-453-8515

A total of 670 high school students participated in the 2015 E9to5. Data will be released later in the year.

193 high school students participated in the Experience 9 to 5 program during Fall 2014. Many students completed multiple shadows for a total of 314 experiences, overall.

Students demonstrated a measurable shift in understanding what employers expect from employees. Prior to E9to5, only 32% articulated any actual knowledge of what it takes to be a good employee.
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Prior to E9to5, less than half of the participants were interested in understanding what it takes to work together to achieve outcomes in a professional setting. Following E9to5, 80% of participants indicated that they had learned that practice while on-site with their employer and peers.

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To receive the full data analysis of the program which includes attendance rates, school district participation counts, outcome comparisons with Career Expo tracking, and E9to5 Day Tour information, click E9to5 2014 Evaluation