• ACEC connects academics to real-world-of-work applications.
    ACEC's programs are built to expose students to the skills that are critical in today's workplace. These skills are commonly referred to as 21st Century skills and include characteristics like: critical thinking, problem solving, media and information literacy, collaboration, and more. Connecting course work to on-site experiences with professionals gives students focus and an understanding of how 21st Century Skills impact what it takes to be successful.
  • ACEC provides high school students with a full range of post-graduation opportunities.
    From the Adams County Commissioners' 8th Grade Career Expo to Backpacks to Briefcases, students who participate in ACEC's continuum of programs better understand the connection between their education and next steps after high school.
  • ACEC exposes students to options.
    ACEC's inclusive programs allow students from all backgrounds to understand their options after high school and imagine opportunities for their future selves.
  • ACEC prepares students to succeed in college, career, and life.
    All plans regarding a career must incorporate college; it is no longer a choice between one or the other. Without a degree or certificate, the probability of making a living wage is already low and will continue to diminish over time. ACEC's programs help students understand that career success demands a certificate, apprenticeship, associate's degree, bachelor degree or higher levels of education achievement


1) Programs will establish an articulation with the business community throughout the county in order to create a better transition from school to work.

2) Education will partner with business and industry, local governments, and community agencies in a coordinated way to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and ensure a link between education and the world of work.

3) All Adams County education providers will work together for a collective solution and look for ways to jointly seek resources, combine programs, establish cooperatives and develop outreach efforts to assist each other in accomplishing the central mission.

4) Developing more teacher-business partnerships

5) Enabling more students to earn post secondary level credit and instruction

ACEC's Career &
College Indicators

  • % of high school graduates who enroll in college
  • % of high school students who earn a post-secondary credential within 6 years of leaving high school
  • % of high school students demonstrating mastery of the 21st century skills
  • 11th grade Colorado ACT scores
  • % FAFSA completion
  • % of post-secondary students that need remediation
  • % of graduating students that are employed