Through the combined cooperative efforts of Adams County school districts, post secondary education institutions, local governments, community based organizations, and the business community, we will develop a county wide partnership that will enhance personalized academic skills development, profession exploration, and relevant work ready skills for all learner groups in Adams County.

  • Objective 1: Increase the overall successful completion rate, both secondary and post-secondary, for Adams County students and better prepare them for professions within the county
  • Objective 2: Incorporate the family into the student learning solution
  • Objective 3: Improve the support for teachers, guidance counselors and administration as workplace mentors and resources


  • Track student movement and appropriateness of instruction
  • Articulate a personalized framework for education
  • Create academic infused learning centers
  • Enable more students to earn post-secondary level credit and instruction
  • Prepare students to be productive citizens
  • Develop family learning centers
  • Develop Teacher-Business partnerships
  • Develop ongoing communication to educators on county job opportunities for graduates

Since its inception in 2005, ACEC has worked with a multitude of education, business, and community partners to increase career-readiness program development for students that also addresses needed and emerging occupations in the region and continues to represent the needs of the agency’s stakeholders: Business│Educators│Students.

Today, the mission of the consortium is still very relevant. Until graduation rates, remediation, and skilled workforce needs are no longer a concern, ACEC will continue to leverage partnerships to cultivate training and resource programs that elevate the academic achievement of Adams County graduates and meet the workforce needs of the county’s employers.