ACEC Welcomes New Executive Director


Letia Frandina, PhD, has been named the new Executive Director of the Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC). She is succeeding Chuck Gross, who will be retiring from the organization in December.

Letia is a co-founder of and former Executive Director at the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School (DDES), a public
elementary school in the heart of Downtown Denver. She earned her doctorate in communication studies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is a first-generation college graduate of Colorado State University and is former adjunct professor at the University of Maryland and Front Range Community College.

“We are delighted to welcome Letia Frandina as Executive Director at ACEC,” said Dr. Chris Fiedler, chair of the ACEC Board of Directors. “Her skills as a mission-driven leader with expertise in communications, partnerships, culture, family engagement, program development and fundraising will greatly enhance the organization and move us forward in these dynamic times.”

Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) was founded in 2005 to bridge the long - standing gap between the needs of business and the education of students, broadly defined to include academic skills, career exploration, and work readiness. ACEC provides hands-on, interactive career exploration, job shadowing, internship and apprenticeship opportunities, along with professional skills development programs for students in middle school, high school and beyond.

“I am honored to be trusted with the imperative work of connecting students, families, mentors, business and community leaders at such a pivotal time for our young adults,” said Frandina. “I look forward to helping champion the effort that this powerful collective impact model has on creating greater relevance in classroom instruction and greater work readiness for all learner groups in Adams County.”

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