Local Students Now Can Get Certified to Work in Banking After High School Graduation

Students at Adams City High School can now get training leading to a career in banking. That training program comes thanks to a partnership between the school and 4 local financial institutions that certify that students have the skills needed to begin a career in banking. The partnership includes ACHS, FirstBank, Bank of the West, BBVA/Compass and Community Choice Credit Union. Not only did the partners help create the certification students can earn, they will also help guide the curriculum and they’ll donate employee time to verify students have gained the necessary competencies to move directly from school to career after graduation.

The partnership was created by the Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) which acts as the liaison among all the school districts in Adams County, higher education institutions and the business community.  The Colorado Community College System developed the framework for the certification process.  The program has also gained the endorsement of Commerce City Economic Development.

“We saw an opportunity to bring these parties together to give students an opportunity to jump start their career opportunities while meeting the growing demand for bilingual tellers and loan officers in the metro-Denver region,’ said Chuck Gross, executive director of ACEC.  “The level of commitment we’ve received from a diverse array of organizations has been exciting to see and will be vital for our success.”

The financial services pathway program will overlay with the business classes already in place at Adams City High School.  “Students in these classes will build a portfolio of work created from both in and out of school training that demonstrates they have acquired the requisite skills,” said Karen Sheff, business instructor.  The program includes an income tax preparation class where students learn how to prepare tax returns. “Last year, we had 23 students prepare over 400 tax returns for family and friends,” she said.  “So we know we have a group of students who have a base of skills working with numbers.”

FirstBank, Colorado’s second largest bank and one of the most philanthropic companies in the state, was the first financial institution to join the partnership.  “The opportunity to train bilingual students in high school and get them interested in careers in financial services is a clear win/win for our bank and our local youth,” said Doreen Falcon, senior recruiter at FirstBank. “We look forward to fostering these efforts and help students lead successful careers.”

Students will earn credentials, known as “digital badges,” in five key areas:  financial literacy, personal/professional responsibility, critical thinking, customer service and wealth management. Once students have earned the badge, they can post them on their resume, LinkedIn profile, etc., and demonstrate their competencies for jobs in the field.


For more information, contact:
Janelle Albertson Asmus, APR
Communications Division
Adams 14 School District
5291 E. 60th Ave.
Commerce City, CO 80022