Youth Employment Resources

Helpful Links

Use the following links to learn more about employment opportunities for Adams County youth.

Adams County Workforce and Business Center: The Adams County Workforce and Business Center provides a number of resources to youth, including job search services, volunteer opportunities, high-school equivalency services, and training programs.

Connecting Colorado: Register within the State of Colorado workforce system to be notified of openings for youth employment.

Adams County WIOA Youth Program: The Youth Succeed program is a federally funded program that provides work-based learning activities, GED services, job training, career exploration, and job-search assistance for youth who qualify.

The Governor's Summer Job Hunt Program: The Governor’s Summer Job Hunt has connected young people ages 14 to 24 with work experience since 1981. Generations of Colorado workers– more than half a million– got their start through the program with employers who were willing to give young people a chance. These services are available year-round.