Life beyond high school is different than it used to be. Most jobs require education beyond high school. ACEC's programs align with Colorado Graduation Guidelines and ICAP (Individual Career Academic Plan) which both require that a student demonstrates competencies on state and national tests and completes rigorous learning projects that connect to 21st Century Skills.


ACEC programs complement state guidelines and local initiatives while also working with Colorado companies who help us connect programming to employer expectations of the abilities and transferable skills they expect from students who graduate.

ACEC programs and outreach are connected to strong, intentional ties to readiness for career and college.  At the same time, ACEC works to support the K-12 system's relevant developments in workforce and higher education.

ACEC creates more opportunity for students to graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college and future careers. 

Through participating in ACEC programs, students can demonstrate that they meet quality indicators of post-secondary workforce readiness.

*Quality indicators are taken from CDE Standards for ICAP