Adams County Commissioners’ 8th Grade Career Expo 2022

Thank you to the over 100 companies, over 400 exhibitors and numerous volunteers for a successful event exposing almost 6,000 8th graders to career pathways!

Registration is CLOSED


5,000-6,000 8th graders from 8 school districts in Adams County will participate.  Students will arrive in 3-4 60-minute waves throughout the day.  Students will be able to move around from exhibitor to exhibitor in an Open House style, visiting booths and speaking to representatives.  The event provides an engaging environment for companies/higher education intuitions to shape students’ career choices and position them for opportunity.

EDUCATORS: Shaping the Future Workforce

Educators play a huge role in preparing students for the Career Expo. Educators help students practice doing informational interviews through role-playing scenarios and activities. They also guide students through career-interest surveys so students can determine which companies to spend their time with at the event.

Please use the Educator Resources provided to help instruct students on how to get the most out of the Expo

Educator Resources

The 8th Grade Career Expo is the first in a line of programs offered by ACEC to help students relate to the real world of work. Before the event, students will take a career interest survey and work with their counselors/educators to prepare. They will be given business cards to network with professionals. At this event, students are expected to engage with 3 business professionals and at least 1 continuing education representative. During the event, employers rate the students who demonstrate professionalism. After the event, ACEC awards the students who were ranked the highest by professionals.

To prepare for this event:

  • Look your best!—Dress in clean, professional clothing
  • Ask professionals questions:
    • TIPS:“What’s their favorite part of the job?”, “What kind of education did they have to obtain to get where they are now?”, “What advice to they have for an 8th grade student?”
  • Maintain eye-contact and give a firm hand-shake
  • Thank the employer for their time
  • SMILE!

BUSINESS: Shaping the Future Workforce

Business and community support ensures that this event can be brought to the entire county every year. Corporate and small business sponsorship helps cover event costs and brings a high level of visibility to organizations. Event sponsorship demonstrates a commitment to ensuring all Adams County 8th graders are exposed to opportunities for their future.


$5000 Industry Lead Sponsor
Includes up to 4 tables and 8 lunches for team members. Represent your industry as the Industry Lead Sponsor with Industry Lead Sponsor signage, featured logo placement on all event materials and signage, ACEC website and prominent booth placement, verbal recognition during the event and an article about Career Expo you may personalize and use to promote your support of the event.

$2500 Spotlight Industry Sponsor
Includes up to 4 tables and 8 lunches for team members. Represent your industry as a featured sponsor with Spotlight Industry Sponsor signage, preferred logo placement on all event materials and signage, ACEC website recognition and prominent booth placement.

$1000 Industry Exploration Sponsor
Includes up to 3 tables and 6 lunches for team members. Become an Industry Exploration Sponsor to be recognized as a premier industry partner in education. Enjoy preferred logo placement on event materials and signage and ACEC website recognition.

$500 Career Pipeline Sponsor

Includes up to 2 tables and 4 lunches for team members.  Show your support for building the workforce pipeline and enjoy the benefits of having your company logo be seen at the event and recognition on the ACEC website

$140 Vendor Partner
Includes 1 table and 2 lunches for team members. Represent your company and its career pathways to 6,000 8th grade students!

$50 Nonprofit/Government Agencies
Represent your company and its career pathways to 6,000 8th grade students!




In 2005, the Adams County Commissioners’ Career Expo became the first youth career expo of its size along the Front Range. It has since been replicated by Denver Public Schools and Douglas County.

Regional and local partners recognize this event as a pivotal introduction for 8th graders to professionals representing career options in most of Colorado’s Industry Career Clusters.

  • CREDIBILITY: Of the Front Range expos, business professionals acknowledge Adams County students for their preparation and good behavior.
  • PREPARATION: Educators have been trained to prepare students with tools students need at the event such as: interviewing skills, handshaking, making positive first impressions, and exploring careers of interest.
    • Students are required to speak with at least 3 business professionals and at least one higher education representative
    • Students use business cards to help them network with employers
    • Employers recognize the top 10% of students. At the end of the event, ACEC recognizes the students who were recognized by employers as being the most professional, thoughtful, and prepared. The highest rated is presented with an award at the Adams County Commissioners' Public Hearing.