E9to5 is designed to help high school students make choices about possible careers. This one-of-a-kind mini-job shadow allows students to see, first-hand, how industries work, ask questions, and network with local professionals. Businesses volunteer their time and expertise to help guide students with career link-ups.


Important Update!

We wanted to share some exciting news regarding E9to5. ACEC was recently awarded a technical grant from the Denver Chamber's Impact Denver group to review, revitalize and enrich our E9to5 program. As part of the grant, Impact Denver has selected seven young professionals from diverse industries to form a team to work with us over the next five months to conduct a thorough analysis of the program. Members of the team will be reviewing data and conducting outreach to students, counselors and businesses to help determine the best framework for this program. We expect to roll out our new improved version of E9to5 for spring 2018. We'll keep you posted on our progress!


Look for upcoming events Spring 2018 Experience 9to5 Opportunities

Registration Opens January 2018

Year-Long Shadow Opportunity: Day Tours
ACEC coordinates opportunities throughout the year for educators. We encourage educators to connect coursework to relevant, on-site experiences, and we're here to facilitate that connection and make academics more applicable to the real-world-of-work.

To arrange an E9to5 Day Tour, contact:
Michelle Manring, Program Coordinator